Leadership Strategy

You don't win by accident. You need a game plan to achieve your goals. It is the same with people. You need a strategy and a plan to insure your people are growing and adapting as your business grows and evolves.

We work with you to create a plan of how to get where your company needs to be. No canned solutions, only proven paths to success.

Leadership Development Assessment

You get annual checkups at the Doctor. They put your car through a 32-point inspection when you get an oil change. How about the capacity of your firm to develop leaders? Do you ever wonder how you are doing in this critical area? You can stop wondering and know when we put your organization through our Ten Point Leadership Development Assessment (LDA). The LDA benchmarks you with like firms and best of class examples of how to make new leaders. You get a thorough assessment of how your team stands and how to make it better. 

Organizational Surveys

During the assessment process it is often valuable to get input from the entire organization. We conduct surveys on employee satisfaction, organizational culture, leadership climate, and training needs to help us, and you, better understand what is going on in the organization. Some consultants will come into your organization with all the answers, not us. We need to ask questions to make sure we are giving you the right answers and not some boilerplate. Once we ask the questions we will give you the answers and work with you to develop customized solutions.

Strategy Development.

You probably have a business plan, you may even have a strategic plan. If you are like most companies I work with your plan says you want to grow, you expect to grow. However, do you have a people development plan? What is your strategy for developing the human capital in your organization? We work with you to determine your specific needs and help craft a leadership strategy that will insure the success of your business plan and strategic plan.

"Thanks for a fine presentation at UCT. I finished your book and it was a great read! After reading, I put together several pages of key points that I will try to work into my daily thought process."

Kevin Miller
Miller Pipeline