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Wally Adamchik has been published in numerous trade and print publications at the local and national level. Many of these are available here for your review. We invite you to download and use them – for free - in your leadership conversations or in your company or association newsletter (we only ask that you use the bio box at the end of the article). In the future, we will be providing audio versions of each article in the MP3 audio format.

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The Real Capital Currency

The word capital has many meanings. A number of them relate to the world of finance. Capital and currency, although not the same, have been used interchangeably over time. The problem is we are totally focused on the wrong capital if we are to grow our businesses and our bottom-line...

And Now For Something Completely Different

To hear some of my colleagues at the National Speakers Association talk about my decision, I am either a genius or an idiot. ..

Top 13 Things to Look For in Your New Online Training Platform

Online training has come a long way in just a few years. It doesn’t have to be the clunky, ineffective, and painful process many of us have experienced...

Supervision Required

The single biggest impediment to your future success is the lack of people who can lead and manage others...

Are you going nowhere fast? Time to get out of the rut (and into the ocean!)

Taking the consistent and predictable path, while comfortable, can wear it down until it becomes a rut...

Adamchik's Laws of Leadership

I have discovered three simple principles that, when properly applied, make your leadership journey incredibly rewarding..

Talking Points For Leaders

When you watch politicians there is no doubt what the message is. They stay “on message” and it doesn’t really matter what questions they are asked, they always come back to their message. How about you?

Full Contact Leadership

No business is immune to this crisis, and some are even more susceptible to it than others. Real leaders today are few and far between. We have great technicians and great managers, but few great leaders.

The Road Signs of Leadership

Just like traffic signs give us information, employees provide signs that give us information too. But employees are often subtle and hard to interpret, or we are not tuned in to looking for the signals, so we miss them.

24/7 Customer Centric

We live in a customer centric society. Consumers don’t just go shopping anymore; they want to be comforted by a brand... People in our society seek an ever increasing degree of satisfaction whenever they purchase something.

Get Bad At What You Do!

Manager. Foreman. Supervisor. Boss. These are all titles for the person who is responsible for getting a job done by directing other people. They might describe you or someone you work with. The key point, regardless of the title, is that this person is tasked with accomplishing a certain amount of work beyond that which one person is capable of doing.

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