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Conversations On Success, Vol. 2
By Les Brown, Nido Qubein, Jim Kouzes

Usually, in informal groups of professionals, there are those who clearly have lived through more battles and learned more lessons than the others. These are the men and women who are really getting the job done and everyone around the room knows it. When they comment on the topic of the moment, they don’t just spout the latest hot theory or trend, and they don’t ramble on and on without a relevant point. These battle scarred warriors have lessons to share that everyone senses are just a little more real, more relevant, and therefore worthy of more attention.

These are the kind of people we have recruited to offer their insights and expertise for Conversations On Success. The book is filled with frank and powerful discussions with men and women who are making a significant impact on their culture, in their field, and on their colleagues and clients. It is ripe with "the good stuff," as an old friend of mine used to always say. Inside these pages you’ll find ideas, insights, strategies, and philosophies that are working with real people, in real companies, and under real circumstances.

It is our hope that you keep this book with you until you’ve dog-eared every chapter and made so many notes in the margins that you have trouble seeing the original words on the pages. There is treasure here. Enjoy digging!

The co-authors in this book are a collaboration of experts who have achieved success in their lives. The co-authors are:

R.J. Jackson
Diane Diresta
Marcus Engel
Derrick Keith Watkins, MSW
Sandra Contreras
Kendall C. Wright
Russell J. White
Susan F. Fruit, ASID
Wally Adamchik
Jim Ziegler, CSP
Judi Finneran
Joseph Mancusi, Ph.D.
Karen Lund
Dwight Brown

"At first I was a bit skeptical... but you were able to slowly rule over my skepticism with your candid stories, accurate information on ‘true’ leadership and your closing statement. “Here are the tools; I have not given you application but merely the tools to be great leaders.” Your stories about the next generation and not forcing them to “pay their dues” really struck a chord as well as your analysis of generation Y and their constant need for information…"

Dan Cullen
JP Cullen & Sons, Inc.